Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Morning All!

Please remember if you have a comment or a question about a post on my blog, please feel free to ask a question or comment. I am always happy to talk to anyone that has a question or comment about what I have written, but only if it is in relation to what is written in that post.
Questions and comments that do not relate to the post will be deleted. I am sorry if this bothers some but I am trying to keep the posts open for those that feel a "connection" with what I have written.

For this reason there is a post in the blog achieve at the link that says 08/14 - 08/21 where I will answer random questions and does not interfere with a "connection and prediction" post. Please use this post for any questions that does not relate to these types of posts. Thanks everyone! :o)

Messages For Today:

I have a lady here with an S name. Not sure of the name, though. This lady is very soft spoken, as she was in life, and it's very hard at times to "hear" what she is saying. She has been around me for a couple of days and wants to point something out to her family/friends.

She tells me that her loved ones think they did not do enough for her, that more could have been done. She wants you all to understand that you did everything you could have done, no more could have been done and it was just her time to leave you all. She was fine with this and she knows how you all worked to keep her comfortable and all your efforts for healing for her. She wants to thank each one of you, especially the little ones who made such wonderful cards/pictures for her. She would look at them often and they always brought a smile and sense of peace to her. It was a long road before she passed and she hopes she wasn't too much trouble while on that road.

She would like you all to be "open" to her. This means she wants to visit but needs you all to be aware of the little signs and symbols that will show you she is there. Things that remind you of her seeming to come out of the blue. Hearing your name called, finding pictures or seeing things that "speak" to you as she would have done in life. All these things are there to let you know she is there with you. Acknowledge these things, let her know you know she is with you. She wants to share her extreme happiness about her "life" now and how wonderful it is, so talk to her, let her know you "hear/see" her.

She loves you all, understands your doubts and wants you to again realize you did the very best for her and could not have done anything more. You were and still are all very wonderful to her!

Predictions For Today:

There will be a move and not one that you anticipated at all! The thought of this move will make you fearful and anxious, but you need to know that this will be one of the best moves you have ever made in your life so far! All the puzzle pieces will fit firmly in place and the move will almost seem effortless! Don't stress, make this move and enjoy the ride! It's a wonderful new opportunity that you will be SO happy with. Trust fate and keep the faith that this IS meant to be!

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