Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Evening All! I hope everyone is doing well and already enjoying their summer fun! Prayers/intentions and lots of thoughts go out to those who have had to deal with terrible weather and it's aftermath. My heart goes out to all of you!

Messages For Today:

"My name is Tara (Sara?) and I was a teacher. I taught all grades in my career span but my favorite was the little ones; K through 3rd grades. They were wonderful, bright and so very funny and the stories I would come home with always made my family laugh or cry along with me. I was/am blessed to have 2 wonderful children of my own and, even now, enjoy their company and the things that are going on in their lives. I do see and hear what is happening and I do hear them talking to me. I have made it a point to let them know I am still around and I am glad you "know" it's me and acknowledge my presence. I am with your Father now and we are very happy, at peace and enjoying ourselves again, as we did while with you. We are helping here as much as we can to make your lives a little easier, more peaceful and enjoyable. If you need anything, please just ask! We are here to help in all the ways we can, more ways than we could have while in your company. There are many relatives here, those you love and miss, and they all send their love, especially Mama and Papa (or Mom-Mom and Pop-pop, not too clear). We all love the little ones and are watching them closely and keeping them safe. There is another baby coming, a surprise to all, and this baby is there to show you love, and much happiness. She will be a joy and bring much joy to all she touches in her lifetime. Know that we have this baby now, and are just waiting for the time to send her to you! We love you all and please keep thinking of us and talking to us and keep looking for our "signs" that we are there with you! BTW, love the balloons"!

Predictions For Today:

You are facing a tough time, and you may feel that nothing is going to help, you will never feel better again. But I want you to know that a miracle is being worked on for you right now with many people joining together to make this happen! Keep the faith, stay in hope and know that all will be well! It's a long road but you are not alone, and all are there for you! Be blessed and know you will be "well" very soon!


  1. Hello Linda. My nephew had a baby boy which you predicted. His wife is now expecting their second child this November. What do you see this time?

  2. Congrats on the new nephew, much blessings to him and the family! I think another boy, but I'm not always right on these things. Please let us know!! :o)