Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good Evening All!

I know, long time-no see! I'm so sorry for being MIA! Life has been crazy busy and I find it hard to catch my breath at times but here I am and hope you will enjoy today's blog entry!

Messages For Today:

No message today but a little story on how some who have passed over will try to connect with with their loved ones, even before I know who those loved ones are!

For the last few days I had things in my house falling off the walls. I knew it was someone trying to get my attention but when I asked I never received an answer to "who are you". Yesterday I had 3 family members come to my office for a medium reading. I did something I never have done before; I asked whoever was coming in for this family to give us a sign that they were there. I had my suspicions that the person(s) I was going to connect with for this family was the same person who had been trying to get my attention with things falling to the floor. All of the things had to do with owls I have in my office and around me home. One of the things was an owl made from a piece of ivory that I have hanging over my desk. Yesterday morning I found it right in the middle of the desk, and there is NO way that this piece could have gotten to the middle of the desk from where it was on my wall.

Well, as we started our session all of a sudden another owl on the window sill falls to the floor. I then decide to ask the family if owls or birds had anything to do with the brother/son I had just connected with who passed over a month ago. They all said the same thing, all at once: Brian was in the air force! It made perfect sense to me! Birds fly (in this case the owls) and Brian would also fly with the air force! We then knew that Brian was with us and had been with me for the past couple of days and was so excited to connect to the family he knew would be there that he wanted to make his presence known days before I was to meet them. You see, when the family made this appointment back in the winter Brian was one of the family members who was to come for the session. Brian died 1 month ago so his father took his place. BUT Brian was there anyway and the most amazing thing he said to me yesterday was "I am glad to be here but I really am sorry I couldn't be there"! We all knew actually what Brian meant and we were all so happy that he came through so loud and clear and helped the family to clear up some of the questions they had about his death and how he was doing now.

These types of days are the days I feel the most blessed!! It was truly an amazing afternoon!!

Predictions For Today:

You have a decision to make and your choice will be a life changing one. I know you are hesitating because you are so afraid to make the wrong choice but I need you to know that whatever choice you make that is coming from your heart is the EXACT choice that is right for you! Please do NOT listen to anyone, just yourself, and do just what your heart is telling you to do! By doing this you will put yourself in the exact place that will be bring you such happiness and joy!! :o)

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